: Score for a Hole in the Ground


Sound of the underground ... Jem Finer with his installation
© Culture Vulture, Roger Bamber

In July 2005 Jem Finer, a founder member of the Pogues, won the PRS Foundation New Music Award. The prize was a sum of money with which to realise the project proposed as an entry to the competition. The award is open to anybody, anywhere, for any project covered by the widest conceivable definition of music.
'This piece of music depends neither on the longevity of any energy source or technology, only on the ongoing existence of the planet and its weather systems,' Finer in his proposal for the competition. The most direct introduction is a 3 minute film made by Yeast
Score for a Hole in the Ground is in King's Wood, Kent, where Stour Valley Arts have been creating art installations for the last 10 years. The launch of Jem Finer’s project is on Sunday, 24 September 2006. :: OL
Down in the ground where the raindrops go, Maev Kennedy by | culture vulture |