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: Ana Torfs

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For Approximations/Contradictions,
Belgian artist Ana Torfs focused on the Hollywood Songbook, a collection of very brief, powerful songs written by the German-Austrian composer Hanns Eisler in 1942 and 1943, while he was in exile in California. She elicited powerful performances from a group of very talented, diverse people singing the songs, and weaves them together into something entertaining and beautiful, yet deeply disturbing and compelling.
A selected web-project for sonambiente 2006.
link : Approximations/Contradictions |

: Amerikas unbekannte Umweltkatastrophe

Craig Morris beschreibt in einem zweiteiligen Feature eine Umweltkatastrophe in Louisiana, die fast nur unter den französischsprachigen Cajuns bekannt ist.
1 | Jedes Jahr ein Sylt kleiner
2 | Die Bedrohung ist so groß, dass nichts unternommen wird
Craig Morris für telepolis

: Astrolab

EMBLEM_ASTROLABFirst ESA long-duration mission onboard the ISS given 1 July start
ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter, from Germany, is set to spend six to seven months in space as a member of the permanent crew of the International Space Station.
Discovery is now scheduled to lift off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida at 21:49 CEST (19:49 GMT). Docking with the ISS is scheduled for the third day of the mission.
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link : Latest News | NASA
mission : Astrolab | ESA
logo : Astrolab mission | ©ESA
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: Bettina Rheims

Rheims-RamplingBettina Rheims is one of the most remarkable feminine figures in contemporary photography. A comprehensive retrospective of Bettina Rheims’ work is currently being exhibited around the world. On show will be 133 works from the series: Female Trouble, Modern Lovers, Chambre Close, Les Espionnes, Kim Harlow, Les Aveugles, I.N.R.I., X’mas, Morceaux choisis, Porquoi m’ as-tu abandonnée? and Shanghai.

Bettina Rheims | feature 6

16.06. - 13.08.2006
MOCA, Musée d´Art Contemporain de Lyon, FR
foto : Bettina Rheims | Charlotte Rampling
Rétrospective, MOCA : via | lyondailleurs |

: Birdy Nam Nam

BirdyNamNamBirdy Nam Nam is a group of French DJs: Little Mike, DJ Pone, DJ Need and Crazy B. Four Parisian DJs, eight turntables and the DMC World Team Champion title in 2002
Downtempo masterpieces, composed scratch by scratch. Their self-titled debut album was released in March 2006 on Uncivilized World Records. The Bonus-DVD offers a necessary and detailed look into the universe of this extraordinary crew.
mp3 : Kind of Laid Back | aurgasm
myspace : Birdy Nam Nam
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: Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

Atmospheric Journey into Downbeat Dubs
more ... | lounge 4
artist : Das Kraftfuttermischwerk
titel : Eingang Nach Draußen
netlabel : thinner

track 5 of 13 :
05 Gesagt, Getan | 06:06 |
all tracks
Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

: documenta 12

werkstatt20065 Tage bis zum Ende der Kunst
Ein Projekt der Kuratorenwerkstatt
Unter das frei nach Joseph Beuys zitierte Motto 5 Tage bis zum Ende der Kunst stellt die Kunsthalle Fridericianum in der zweiten Jahreshälfte 2006 eine Reihe von thematisch und zeitlich ineinander greifenden Ausstellungsprojekten, die von Mitgliedern der Kuratorenwerkstatt konzipiert werden.
weiter ... | pr.kunsthalle |

5 Days to the End of Art
A project of the Kunsthalle Fridericianum Curatorial Workshop
Under the motto 5 Days to the End of Art taken loosely from Joseph Beuys, the Kunsthalle
Fridericianum will be staging five exhibitions from the beginning of June 2006.
more ... | pr.kunsthalle PDF |

02.06. - 26.11.2006
Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel DE

: Edgard Varèse

Le Corbusier; Iannis Xenakis; Edgard Varèse «Poème électronique» | Poème électronique (sketch)
Poème électronique
is the first, electronic-spatial environment to combine architecture, film, light and music to a total experience made to functions in time and space. Under the direction of Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenaki's concept and geometry designed the World's Fair exhibition space adhering to mathematical functions. Edgard Varèse composed the both concrete and vocal music which enhanced dynamic, light and image projections conceived by Le Corbusier.
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Electronic music genius Edgard Varèse’s 1958 animated film, created for the World’s Fair at Brussels. Frank Zappa was such a fan of Varèse, Frank’s 15th birthday present from his mom was being allowed to give him a phone call.
via | screenhead |

foto : "Poème électronique" Philips Pavilion, 1958
Le Corbusier; Iannis Xenakis; Edgard Varèse
Poème électronique (sketch)
© Le Corbusier; Iannis Xenakis; Edgard Varèse
Media Art NET

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: Google Will Eat Itself

GWEI-BusinessmenThe project Google Will Eat Itself is a critique of Google's growing monopoly of information.
GWEI generates money by serving Google text advertisments on a network of hidden Websites. With this money they automatically buy Google shares.
link :

: Han Hoogerbrugge

Portfolio of the Dutch (Rotterdam-based) designer Han Hoogerbrugge.
Hey Girl, Filmstill from NAILS | Installation ZOO |
current exhibition : 1 Heilige Geest | - 08.07.2006 | voorkammer
interactive tale : Hotel | flash

: Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Facing FutureIsrael Kamakawiwoʻole was a popular singer in Hawaii until his death at the age of 38 nine years ago.
'Braddah Iz' passed away, so his music lives on.
Aloha, Iz, Somewhere over the Rainbow.
'Facing Future' was the first album on which the medley 'Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World' appeared.

Hawaii, he sang of thee -- and people listened
Jack Boulware, via | sfgate |

: Jean-Luc Godard


A Complete Retrospective: 140 films, Documents: 75 films
Voyages en utopie, Jean-Luc Godard, 1946 –2006

This retrospective is the first ever to be devoted to the director, in which all his films will be shown. Also to be shown are his numerous television appearances, where he talked about the subject of images, as well as many films and documents with or about him, in order to retrace the major developments in his work and his thinking. This retrospective will accompany the major exhibition designed by Jean-Luc Godard for the Centre Pompidou, "Voyages en utopie, Jean-Luc Godard, 1946 –2006".

- 14.08.2006
Centre Pompidou, Paris FR
foto : Voyages en utopie | Centre Pompidou, exhibition placard, screenshot

: Joseph DeLappe

Dead in Iraq
Joseph DeLappe is possibly the first artist performing in online games. He joins online games like America's Army, not for fun, but to enter all the names and time of death of soldiers who died in Iraq into the games text messaging system.
via | swens blog |
foto : episode from dead-in-iraq
link : dead-in-iraq | Joseph DeLappe

: Michael Staggemeier

From a certain distance
Project of the Danish photographer Michael Staggemeier.
Kattegat. A late summers evening, eight hundred paces away from the shore.
The sky and the sea are lead colored. I maintain the gaze towards Lerstenen on the horizon.
View, image and density. Four exposures towards midnight. more...
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foto : Level #1, 2000 | ©Michael Staggemeier

: Neuromarketing

Im Kopf des Konsumenten
Neuromarketing: Bilder des menschlichen Gehirns sollen dabei helfen, das Kaufverhalten Otto Normalverbrauchers besser zu verstehen oder gar vorherzusagen.
Vor allem die Einblicke, welche die funktionelle Magnetresonanztomographie (fMRT) ins menschliche Gehirn "at work" gewährt, bringen die selbsternannten Neuromarketingexperten zum träumen.
weiter ...
Nathalie Roller für telepolis

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: Tang Kai

cam094_frontcoverartist : Tang Kai
titel : Evangelion
release : cam094
netlabel : Camomille

4 tracksEP of delicate and gentle sounds we've come to appreciate from mikael fyrek ( who's released a couple of great eps recently on Kahvi ) and jenny tang kai.
Aural, organic and cinematic.
Tang Kai's Evangelion is not only a testament to quality netlabel music, but an experience that leaves an impression of purity and makes a mind fully fertile to imaginative and thoughtfull enlightenements.

01 further away | 02:35 |
02 sand castles | 04:44 |
03 evangelion | 03:21 |
04 pictures | 05:36 |
individual files | 192kbps MP3/stream |
Creative Commons License: by-nc-sa

: theFLOWmarket

GMOtheFLOWmarket is a supermarket-as-artwork that sells consumer awareness in the form of imaginary products like 'commercial free-space', 'inner calmness', 'symptom removers', 'lifestyle related disease killers', 'renewable energy', and 'a feeling of safety'. The nicely-packaged products are available for sale at prices from $5 to $20. theFLOWmarket is open for business at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen.
theFLOWmarket | flash site | via boingboing |
more FLOW : theFLOWinstitut

: Friedrich Schiller


Hundertmal werd ichs euch sagen und tausendmal: Irrtum ist Irrtum!
Ob ihn der größte Mann, ob ihn der kleinste beging.

Friedrich Schiller
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: Wer nicht arbeiten will, soll auch nicht essen!

Bibel-Zitate und Politiker(Stammtisch)-Rufe nach einem 'Arbeitsdienst für Arbeitslose' verdichten sich zunehmend zum Rückenwind für eine General-Reform, die Kapitulation der Sozialstaats-Idee vor dem Kapital.
Das 'Institut für Freizeit- und Arbeitsforschung tatenlose vollbeschäftigung' greift einige aktuelle Diskussionen auf:
Arbeitslos und verunglimpft - ein kalkuliertes Zahlenspiel, Armut ist Verbrechen

: Zengineers

id031_frontcoverartist : Zengineers
titel : Mental Maps for Large Territories
release : iD.031
netlabel : iD.EOLOGY

With their debut EP on iD.EOLOGY Zengineers offer their very own blend of lounge, breakbeat, funk, pop and hip-hop. So just open up and let this EP settle into your mind.
Sensitive arrangements whose spirit in multiple hearing develops.

3 of 13 tracks:
03 Requiem for a theme | 03:41 |
04 The legacy | 03:36 |
08 Les rites de passage | 03:41 |
all tracks | 192kbps MP3/ogg | iD.EOLOGY
License Agreement: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

: Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur

ziaGrimme-Preis, Bachmann-Preis, Weltherrschaft:
Die Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur verändert unser Leben
Wenn man der aktuellen Anzeige auf der Homepage der Universalfirma glauben darf, liegt der ZIA-Weltherrschaftsanteil derzeit bei drei Prozent. Das ist kein schlechtes Ergebnis für eine Gruppe von jungen Kreativen, die sich vor knapp fünf Jahren in Berlin zusammengefunden hat. weiter ...
Marc Degens für

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