: Charly Wiski

: Charly Wiski

The first question we can already answer for you: yes, there's a new voice (and cough) on the scene, Charly Wiski.
His new album, released by the Poitiers based French netlabel Off&Green, is containing a number of compositions at least French Canadians in France. Charly United covers the period 2001-2002, with excerpts of the mythical live-ep Chapoule Club (Mexico), as well as pieces of the ep 200 $ (Mexico). The Symphony Beat will come this year if Charly remembers how to connect a microphone and a guitar on an amp. We remain hopeful ...
One might wonder why such a talent has not yet came through, we love all of his stuff!

artist : Charly Wiski
titel : Charly United
release : O&G21
netlabel : Off&Green

4 of 10 tracks
03 Jazz-Rock Americain | 2:32 |
04 Maria | 3:16 |
06 Les Escaliers | 2:25 |
10 Menthol | 2:38 |
complete release | stream / ogg, mp3 320Kbps | Off&Green
cc license: by-nc-sa
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