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: Endlos | Das musste ja so kommen

1bit_021artist : Endlos
titel : Das musste ja so kommen
release : 1bit_021
netlabel : 1 one bit wonder

Pieces of deep electronica, fusing jazz with samplers, lo-fi drummachines embracing manipulated guitars and warm synths.
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License Agreement: by-nc-sa

: Glenny 417 | Youngblood Dub

ydub2artist : Glenny 417
titel : Youngblood Dub
release : Glenny 417
netlabel : Ageema

pod version of all 4 tracks

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License Agreement: by-nc

: id.027 | Bangguru

id027_frontcoverartist : Bangguru
titel : Bang The Guru!
release : iD.027
netlabel : iDEOLOGY

Nobody bangs it better!
The bang is all about controlling the energy-flow.
let it bang, let it bang, let it bang!
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License Agreement: by-nc-nd

: drift004 | Maus

drift004_coverartist : Maus
titel : Recogniser
release : drift004
netlabel : Drift Records

Moody and bleepy IDM.sounds, like a soundtrack to a movie that goes through a variety of twists and turns.
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Creative Commons: by-nc-nd

: apl040 | Fern

apl040_fern_coverartist : Fern
titel : This first day
release : apl040
netlabel : autoplate

It's our intention to find sounds that surprise time after time anew. Listening out with ears wide open for something in between sounds.
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Creative Commons: by-nc-nd

: iD.032 | NK

id032_frontcoverartist : NK
titel : Relectronic
release : iD.032
netlabel : iDEOLOGY

Equipped with an enquiring mind and scientific know-how, NK enters his sound-lab in order to get his latest experiment going.
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License Agreement: by-nc-nd

: laridae028 | photophob

photophobartist : Photophob
titel : about the living things
release : laridae028
netlabel : laridae

photophob celebrates the origins of organic life by dedicating eight tracks to eight different microorganisms, floating lazily through the waters of a primeval ocean or crawling nosily around the crusty surface of the earth's first landmasses.
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Creative Commons : by-nc-nd

: iD.010 | Velure

id010_frontcoverartist : Velure
titel : Songbox
release : iD.010
netlabel : iDEOLOGY

Get into a snuggle with this slick material and you'll know what it's all about: All you'll want to do is *resonate!*
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License Agreement: by-nc-nd

: cam094 | Tang Kai

cam094_frontcoverartist : Tang Kai
titel : Evangelion
release : cam094
netlabel : Camomille

Tang Kai's Evangelion is not only a testament to quality netlabel music, but an experience that leaves an impression of purity and makes a mind fully fertile to imaginative and thoughtfull enlightenements.
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Creative Commons : by-nc-sa

: iD.031 | Zengineers

id031_frontcoverartist : Zengineers
titel : Mental Maps for Large Territories
release : iD.031
netlabel : iDEOLOGY

Zengineers offer their very own blend of lounge, breakbeat, funk, pop and hip-hop.
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License Agreement: by-nc-nd

: thn085 | Das Kraftfuttermischwerk

thn085_coverartist : Kraftfuttermischwerk
titel : Eingang Nach Draußen
release : thn 085
netlabel : thinner

Perfect for the very early morning.

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Creative Commons: by-nc-nd

: nsh081 | Kabana

nsh081|Kabanaartist : Kabana
titel : Front EP
release : nsh081
netlabel : nishi

Just the kind of understated melodic ambience we know you love so much, with the perfect balance between progression and repetition.
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Creative Commons: by-nc-nd