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: Digi Hartatak Featuring J-Me

Digi Hartatak Featuring J-Meartist : Digi Hartatak Featuring J-Me
netlabel : Noisecollector Records

J-Me does her own crunky freestyle Voodoo rap over Digi Hartatak's trance like synths, beats and guitar. Vocals written and performed by Jaime Winters. Music written, performed and recorded by Digi Hartatak.
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CC License: by 3.0

: Twile | Traum-a

Twile | Traum-aartist : Twile
release : apl047
netlabel : autoplate

Traum-a reveals what Twile identifies as his four obsessions: filtered violin, glitch sounds, dub bass lines, and contemplative melodies. Going beyond standard dubtech, the tracks contain definite and extended harmonic arrangements.
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CC License: by-nc-nd

: Nest

ser013 | Nestartist : Nest
release : ser013
netlabel : serein

Nest is the collaborative project of Otto Totland (Deaf Center / Type Records) and Huw Roberts (Serein).
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CC License: by-nc-nd

: Chico Correa & Electronic Band

foot 018 | Chico Correaartist : Chico Correa & Electronic Band
release : [foot 018]
netlabel : bumpfoot

Chico Correa & Electronic Band, here's their self-titled album with latin flavour and electronic sound. It brings us an enjoyable trip. Their first release on the phenomenal netlabel bumfoot
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CC License: by-nc-sa

: Mixes 006 | Larry Johnson

Mixes 006 | Larry Johnsonartist : Larry Johnson
titel : down a more minimal path
release : [13S.006]
netlabel : 13Songs

An Autoplate Labelmix has been created by Larry Johnson and is available on the 13Songs Netlabel. It features pearls from the available autoplate catalogue.
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CC License: by-nc-nd

: Sleeping City | Phour Trakk

id035artist : Phour Trakk
titel : Sleeping City
release : id035
netlabel : iDeology

Phour Trakks Sleeping City ist wie der Soundtrack zum 'Le Paysan de Paris' von Louis Aragon. Ein nächtliches Eintauchen und Betasten des Augenblicks.
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: hc 174 | juno6

hc174artist : juno6
titel : lipsia
release : hc 174
netlabel : hippocamp

lipsia is a trippy downtempo electronica 4-track EP.

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CC License: by-nc-nd

: SPLIT! | The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb

csr016artist : The Coconut Monkeyrocket & Martinibomb
titel : SPLIT!
release : csr016
netlabel : Comfort Stand

Groovy sounds that smoothly creeps under your skin.

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CC License: by-nc

: ocean001 | Ruby Jean and the thoughtful bees

ocean001artist : Ruby Jean and the thoughtful bees
titel : Not about to
release : ocean001
netlabel : oceanaudio

not about to is the debut release from the new netlabel oceanaudio that combines trip-hop and IDM.
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CC License: by-nc-nd

: apl042 | Klotzsch & Sudermann

apl042artist : Klotzsch & Sudermann
titel : Holzlaub
release : apl042
netlabel : autoplate

Holzlaub ist das Ergebnis einer synergetischen Atmosphäre zwischen Emil Klotzsch und Raimund Sudermann. Classical-style guitar meets PowerBook.
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